How Many Athletes are in a Relay Team?

The Relay Teams can be made up  of two or three Athletes.

Does each athlete have to race a leg of the race?

Yes. Each athlete must partake in at least one stage of the race.

In a team of two. Can one Athlete do two legs of the race?

Yes. It is not necessary to have three participants; one team member can do two disciplines, regardless of the order.

Do we have to have a male or female team?

No.Each team may be male, female or mixed.

How does the transition work for the relays?

The chip is fitted to the swimmer’s ankle When the swimming is finished, the swimmer goes to the tams bike in
transition and passes the chip to the cyclists.. The cyclist will be waiting for them there already changed,
with the the race number on.
When the cyclist finishes the bike leg, they must rack their bikes and hand the chip to the runner. The runner will be changed and have the race number on.

Where do we go after we finish our race?

When the swimmer and Cyclists have finished their legs. Head towards the finishline area to see your runner finish. And collect your medals!