Course Routes

Swim Course

Get ready for a lightning fast swim!

The 1500m swim takes place in the majestic River Shannon. The Swim starts at Number One on the west side of Athlone. The first 300m is upstream and the remainder of the swim is all down current , passing under White bridge and into the tourism and picturesque region of the West of Athlone and finishes at the beautiful tree lined Athlone Boat Club

Swim Map




Bike Course

New Bike route coming soon!!!!!!!!!

Bike Map



 Run Course

The Heart of our Race.

The run in Triathlone mainly takes place through the streets of the Left Bank area of Athlone and is renowned for the amount of spectators and the atmosphere this creates. The run consists of 4 loops of 2.25 km and a 500m finish line run.

Run Map



* The course is provisional and subject to approval from Triathlon Ireland and Athlone Town Council, Roscommon County Council.