Corporate Challenge




What is the corporate challenge?

The Corporate challenge is  about discovering the hidden athletic talents of your colleagues, boss or employees! Who will do the swim?  Who fancies themselves a bit of a cyclist?  Any runners in the office?

Who do I race against?

Get your team together and enter, then issue the challenge to your corporate rivals or just have some fun between your boss or work mates in the office. What better way to show up your biggest competitors in the corporate arena than through an old fashioned show of athleticism, guts and glory!!!


What are the distances?

Swim  600m

Bike 15km

Run 5km

Is it a relay or individual event?

Its both. You can enter as a relay team or if you feel fit enough you can take on the Challenge individually and really impress your work mates!!!!


Beat the boss challenge

Take the Challenge and beat the Boss. Have a wager of a nice meal, a pay rise or even a few beers, and maybe for just once the boss might have to pay

Wear Your Companies Colours?

Why not get your company logo on your trisuit.

Custom Triathlon suits are available at:

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