A Quad-core Stick PC – Does Technology Know Any Bounds!

Earlier the programmable devices were meant solely for government operations and that too mainly in defense department for handling extremely complicated logs involving targeting and locating of assets and adversaries. Now these beasts have taken their place at practically every place, may that be hospitals, offices, schools or even homes. This drastic shift in the applicability is due to the changes made into the design, pricing and to some extent the aesthetics of the system. Even now, a lot of important and innovative developments are being made into the field of making the computers more appealing to the masses.

Computer has transformed from large blocks of vacuum tubes to table top desktops then to laptops and further to netbooks. All these changes have increased the number of users of the technology by providing better and improved options down the line. Increased availability of the PCs has supported the increased user base by providing improved service. Stick Computer technology aims at providing the users with an enhanced computing experience coupled with freedom of dynamics through its increased portability. It has an onboard 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory that are adequate for handling most of the general operations. The computer´s performance is measured through the processor capabilities it possesses. The processing speed of a computer is characterized by the appropriate number of cores. Stick PC comes bundled with a Windows 8. In case you loved this informative article and you want to receive more info with regards to learn hacking step by step please visit our site. 1 or LINUX operating system and a quad-core Intel Atom processor which is one of the most trusted variants available in the market. Quad Core Stick PC is efficient enough for handling various big-shot operations with ease and appreciable speed.

Each new technology, at the time of its introduction, looks significantly inferior to its reigning predecessors but with passing time they gain stature and develop into superiors. While in the case of Stick Computer, it seems that the introduced tech is in no form inferior to the basic configuration of its regular size options. The quad-core processor coupled with the compatible and efficient hardware configuration has the capabilities to match up with any of the commonly available variants in the market. This tech has been critically applauded for its simple though highly effective design and specifications and offers a very nice option for shifting the PCs (in the form of laptops) from the backpacks to a new and more confined home-; pockets of the jeans.

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